We work to discern which space companies
are primed for long-term success
in this complex and rapidly-evolving industry.


  1. To give investors a way to effectively invest in the space industry without having to conduct hundreds of hours of research.
  2. To ensure that innovative space startups receive the capital they need to propel humanity into a Golden Age of Space Exploration.

Nathan Evans

Nathan is the Founder of Launch Window Research. Born in San Francisco, Nathan was launching solid-propellant model rockets by age 7 and investing in stocks by the time he was 15. Just two years later, he was invited to work in the Innovation Lab at Red Cliff Research, analyzing investment opportunities within the space industry. Surprised by the lack of high-quality research on publicly traded space companies, he felt that an endeavor this important warranted the creation of a company that would specialize in this exploding field. Launch Window Research is a subsidiary of Red Cliff Research, and Nathan is growing the company from Harvard University, where he is currently an undergraduate studying mechanical engineering.

Kenny Keo

Kenny serves as a strategic data integration advisor for several national security organizations, and is the Co-Founder of a data analytics start-up Sentrala LLC.—where they leverage emerging machine learning and data integration technologies to illuminate actionable insights for their clients. Kenny served 10 years in US Special Operations where he specialized in disinformation analysis, great power competition, and unconventional warfare. In his most recent work, he developed and deployed broad scale operational frameworks and technology projects to support the US Government's efforts in combating disinformation within Europe.

Marcus Harold

Marcus served in the US Army for eight years as a logistician, and as a Special Operations Team Leader.  He has a degree in physics from Virginia Tech, and an MBA in supply chain management from Michigan State University. Marcus worked as the Director of Business Development for a consulting company while earning his MBA and has negotiated contracts upwards of $200M.  While he brings a passion for process improvement and financial acumen to Red Cliff Research, he understands that ultimately business is about relationships and that culture eats process for breakfast.  

Tommy Daniel

Tommy earned a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies from Kings College London. He has significant experience in operational management and rapid-decision making which allows him to provide analytical solutions to Red Cliff Research's clients. Tommy has experience leading numerous international working groups and implementing enterprise level solutions for government organizations. With a robust international network and technical problem-solving background throughout all of Europe, Tommy brings analytic and real-world experience to Red Cliff Research.


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